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The safety and security of your home is key to being able to reside at home knowing your family is safe and secure.

We can provide you with installation solutions for your peace of mind, whether its CCTV, Smoke Detection, Security Lighting or an in-home electrical safety inspection .

RCD Installation and Testing:

We will test your existing RCDs with the latest test equipment to ensure your RCD's are operating at the correct speeds and confirm they comply to current Australian Standards. As of the year 2000, all homes should be fitted with at least 2 RCD's. You should press the test button on your existing RCD's every 3 months to ensure they are functioning correctly, and if they do not trip out the you need to contact us immediately for a complete test and replacement.

Smoke Alarms:

Smoke alarm installations and Heat detection are paramount to the safety of your home and more importantly your family.

Smoke Alarms must be hard-wired to your electrical installation and have a battery backup also to provide continuous operation in the event of a power outage. Hence, the installed smoke alarms should be compliant with the legal norms.

Smoke Alarms must be replaced every 10 years, and as the owner, it’s your duty to retain the Smoke Alarm Compliance Certificate.

We will supply and fit new or replacement units where required to comply with AS 3786. Be at peace, for our electricians shall even provide you with the Smoke Alarm Compliance Certificate after smoke alarm installations.

Feel safe and secure knowing your home and contents are monitored 24/7 by installing security cameras.

With many options available, we can help you make the right choice that's best suited to your individual requirements.

Smoke Alarm Compliance Certificate

  • A Smoke Alarm Compliance Certificate attests that smoke alarms installed in the building meet the Australian Building Code and Western Australian Building Regulations 2012 requirements.

  • This certificate is frequently requested when buying, selling, renting, or leasing a property. This serves as evidence that the property has working smoke alarms in the necessary locations and that they have been examined and maintained following the applicable Western Australian standards.

  • Depending on the type of property, such as residential dwellings, multi-unit buildings, or commercial structures, Western Australia's smoke alarm standards may vary.

  • Eclipse Electricals, with its knowledgeable electricians, are fully equipped to help make sure that your building - no matter the type or purpose of usage - is fully equipped with a smoke alarm system that satisfies the regulatory criteria. Along with that, we will help you get your Smoke Alarm Compliance Certificate to attest your establishment is well within the purview of the building codes and regulations.

  • Get our help to adhere to the standard practices and procure your Smoke Alarm Compliance Certificate in Perth & other suburbs of Western Australia.

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