Lighting Design and Installation.

Eclipse Electrical has been at the forefront of Lighting and Fan solutions for residential and business customers for many years.
We visualise and implement the latest designs and ideas to enhance any living or working space.

Our relationship with Australia's leading retailer, Beacon Lighting has been ongoing for over 10 years and is testament to the quality of service we provide and the quality of the products we use and recommend. Beacon Lightings after sales and warranty structure is designed to give you the customer peace of mind.

As a Beacon Lighting Preferred Electrician, Eclipse can offer you a referral card which entitles you to 15% off the recommended retail price plus a bonus free in –home lighting design service by one of Beacon Lightings Consultants.

Socket Outlets/Power Points:

There never seems to be enough Socket Outlets in your home, true ? When most homes are built the bare minimum are installed and not always in the areas where they need to be utilised efficiently.

We can provide free advice and give you all the options available for the installation of extra points whether it be a new build or renovation, interior or exterior power options.

There is a wide range of brands, colour options, 4 way/ 5 way, USB Outlets etc and we have access to all the latest products at awesome prices.

If you need additional socket outlets to be installed or replaced in your home, let our experienced team of licensed electricians provide you with a free quote or consultation to ensure you receive the highest quality of customer service available, Call or email today.

You also receive an extra free 12 month warranty on all Lucci Fans.

Phone and Data:

Yes Wi Fi is an excellent cable free solution, but you still cant beat a hard wired Data outlet direct from your modem to provide you with the fastest and smoothest transfer rate to maximise your picture and sound quality.

Installation of Cat 5e and Cat 6 cabling will enhance your media experience.

Call or e mail today for your free advice and quote.

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