What Should You Consider While Installing A Ceiling Fan in Your Apartment?

What Should You Consider While Installing A Ceiling Fan in Your Apartment?
13 Dec 2022

A ceiling fan can be installed in an apartment only by keeping a list of restrictions in mind. Most apartment rooms are of limited space, so the ceiling height should be carefully considered. The low-height ceiling fans are thus the perfect solution. Anyhow, in this discussion, we have listed the typical obstacles and how should these be tackled to install the ceiling fan. Nevertheless, keep in mind the ceiling fan installation in Mindarie procedure in your apartment should be undertaken by licensed electricians functioning.

1. Lower Ceiling Heights

According to Australian regulations, the floor-to-blade measurement should be a minimum of 2.1, so the blades do not hang past the point. Choose the ceiling fans with the lowest drop measuring 169mm from ceiling to blade.

2. Rooms Smaller Than Average

The rooms might be smaller than standard, making it a challenge to find a fan looking proportionate to the space size. You will have to choose tiny fans ranging from 36 inches to 42 inches in varied style ranges. For a better and more refined look, you might even choose the LED light adaptable fans.

On the other hand, for the larger room, you are free to choose small and big size fans ranging from 49inches to 56inches blades.

3. When New and More Wiring Cannot be Installed?

When the electricians are unable to install any extra wiring, then the solution they come up with is replacing the present lights with a remote-controlled ceiling fan serving as the primary light source. The setup states the existing wiring is used for drawing the electricity to the new fan and light while the remote control controls the light and the fan. The old light switch turns into the isolation switch for the entire unit.

There are cases when the electrician can run the extra wiring in the ceiling for the fan to have power, but not connected to a light switch. Then, remote-controlled fans with no light are an option. No need to interfere with the current lighting setup. The electrician then sets up an isolation switch at a convenient spot for complying with the regulations and safety purposes.

But can the remote control mechanism of the ceiling fan be wired for controlling the pre-existing lighting? Usually, the remotes are fan or brand specific, and not meant to be wired to control the pre-existing lighting.

So, it should be used for controlling the fan and the integrated light as applicable.

The electrician can make it work but the unique wiring solutions are temporary and problems come up post-installation. If operational issues come up, then the manufacturer's warranty will not be covering the fan and remote since they were not to be likewise wired.

If you want the fan the light source should be used with one remote, then you will have to get the existing lighting replaced for the fan with light.

Or else, choose a wall-controlled fan. Talk to an electrician before going ahead with the purchase as well as about the possibility of placing it near the existing light control, if applicable, for conveniently turning on and off simultaneously.

Ceiling Fans and Lighting

All ceiling fans do not have the light option. So, you will have to choose the light adaptable fans, that is the fans with a light kit to be added as an accessory or else you can get them in separate models with the integrated light built–in.

Small Fans With Lights

A fan with quality lights is more than adequate for smaller rooms. Choose fans from the Small fans category. Select the ones between 42 inches to 50 inches of blade span.

Ceiling Fans and Downlight Combinations

If you are not okay with the idea of the ceiling fan being the primary lighting source, then the option is installing the smaller ceiling fan to save on space for downlight installation.

Yes, ceiling fans can be installed in the apartments even if the room spaces are limited. Even if there are restrictions, still there are solutions for relaxation. You will have to take help from the electricians for safe and legal ceiling fan installations.


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