The Guiding Factors To Installing Ceiling Fans With Lights

The Guiding Factors To Installing Ceiling Fans With Lights
28 Nov 2023

Lighting design has the crux either to make or break the overall atmosphere of space. The right lighting design works wonders since the aesthetics of lighting go beyond illuminating the space and raising of its aura. In this connection, the ceiling fan with lights has become an excellent choice for sleek and elegant illumination.
Just as a ceiling fan and light installation needs the involvement of professional electricians as stated in the legal norms, similarly when you are considering ceiling fan with light installation in your residential properties – you are bound by certain factors. Say, the lights in the ceiling should illuminate the area in a happy medium level to create an inviting and comfortable ambience, that is to say – neither too weak nor too strong. Or else, the lights of appropriate size and shape should be in according to the respective rooms. Whatever the event, only qualified professionals are allowed to fulfil the ceiling fan with light installation requirements.

The Reason to Give Ceiling Fan With Light Installation A Serious Thought
Well, to be honest, the beauty of considering a ceiling fan with light installation is justified when the combined effort brightens the room and keeps the space cool with just a flick of a switch. In brief, the two complement each other passively. In brief, installation of ceiling fans with light is worth the choice since, owing to energy efficiency, and effortless remote control technology to switch on or off the fan light. Furthermore, you can adjust either using an ordinary switch, or a remote control using an app.

So, by now, you must be ready for a ceiling fan with light installation at least for one room in your home. Let the other rooms have individual ceiling fan and light installation in place, for any one of your chosen rooms, keep these factors in mind before you make the final decision.

1. Energy Saving and Efficiency: Always On Top
EPA defines efficiency as the airflow amount being produced by a ceiling fan divided by the electricity amount it is using when at high speed. In major cases, a properly sized ceiling fan allows turning up the thermostat in summer while reducing the electricity amount the air conditioner is using. Since the ceiling fans are using a fraction of the electrical costs attached to the air conditioning system, energy savings will be felt almost immediately.
Buy the Energy Star-certified energy-efficient ceiling fan light combination. The efficient and long-lasting lighting prevents frequent bulb changes.

2. Airflow, the Second Vital Factor
Airflow volume is measured in Cubic meters per hour, that is CMH. So, obviously, after experiencing a ceiling fan in person, it's possible to determine the expected performance and cooling. Ceiling fans moving very high air volumes are great choices for larger spaces in need of distributed airflow. Furthermore, these circulate the cooler air to complement the air-conditioned spaces reducing the strain on the air-conditioning system along with its expense. So, it's a vital comparison when you are choosing a ceiling fan. Since air movement is the primary goal, so consider the space size where it should be installed.

3. Size Matters For Ceiling Fan With Lights
Ceiling fans are installed to cool everyone in a room. The ceiling fan has no role in cooling the air. Simply, the air is circulated and creates downdrafts – this mechanism keeps everyone cool in a room. A wrong size will prove a terrible failure.
The market is offering ceiling fans in different sizes within 12-inch to 96-inch diameter ranges. Ceiling fans have been designed to produce airflow within the blade's radius. Just outside a 2-foot radius of the fan blades, there will be a significant fall-off. So, choose the fans of appropriate sizes to fit into the space. Be safe from visual overwhelming.

4. Never Compromise On Quality
Ceiling fans are no doubt, available at bargain prices. You may book at the local big box store to come across a few on the clearance counters. However, quality has no substitute.
Never will a high-quality ceiling fan wobble. Almost it is silent.
You save a good deal of money on high-quality ceiling fans over the long haul. High-quality ceiling fans are more energy-efficient.
All high-quality ceiling fans have better motors. Hence more air movement. It's the chief reason for ceiling fan installation.

5. Choice From A Range of Styles
Now chance for your imagination to run wild. Style is all about looks and functions. You can opt to flush mount closer to the ceiling or extend to any length as desired. Ceiling fan blades function to control both noise and efficiency. The number of blades going up means the fan tends to be quieter, still circulating less air – this is the general rule. The ceiling fan slows down with the additional blades that increase the drag on the motor.
Ceiling fan blades are available in varied sizes, colours and patterns. You can decide on the look, style and the comfort level.
Ceiling fans with lights open up unlimited options. You can go in for soft light or directional light. Choice for a subtlety or make it transform your décor. Either use it as the main lighting or just choose it as the ascent.
Carefully choose the control functions. Make sure the ceiling fans and light installations are done on separate circuits. You might choose to operate both as per your needs, especially in your bedrooms for keeping the room dark and cool all night long.

Here we end our discussion. You must have discovered how energy-efficient and cost-saving this idea is. Sooner you decide to abide by this technique, the better for you. It's true, we have shared a detailed guideline with you, however, you should be in touch with licensed electricians.

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