How Should You Acquire An Electrical Safety Certificate?

How Should You Acquire An Electrical Safety Certificate?
04 Aug 2023

One of the first things you should check when selling or renting your property is that the necessary smoke alarms and residual current devices are functional and up to code. Therefore, you must receive an electrical safety certificate for smoke alarms and residual current device compliance whether you are leasing or selling a home. To guarantee the security of their tenants and possible buyers, many real estate agencies will also ask for this inspection certificate.

You must obtain electrical safety certificates from a certified electrician in Alkimos to prove that your home has been examined and complies with construction regulations and regulatory standards. Additionally, all rental or for-sale houses must have a minimum of two operable residual current devices installed, as well as hard-wired smoke alarms that are no older than 10 years.

According to Western Australia's Building Regulations 2012 (the Regulations), a home's owner must install compliant smoke alarms before:

i) Selling or otherwise transferring ownership of the home
ii) Renting out a home under a residential tenancy agreement or making it available for such rental
iii) In cases where a home is made a rental property.

What Is A Compliant Smoke Alarm?

Owners must make sure the smoke alarms:

• Are in compliance with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) in effect at the time the alarms are installed to comply with the Regulations. (The BCA details site requirements and the applicable edition of the Australian Standard for Residential Smoke Alarms (AS 3786))
• Are in good functioning order,
• Are permanently plugged into the mains power supply, 
• Are not older than 10 years at the time of sale, transfer of ownership, or making the residence available for rent or hire.

We advise engaging a licensed electrician in Alkimos right away if you require a compliance check for residual current devices and smoke alarms or to obtain an electrical safety certificate to ensure that all the electrics at your property are compliant and in line with governmental requirements.

Smoke Alarms Are Powered Through A Security System

In homes that are up for sale, rent, or hire in Alkimos, smoke alarms that are powered by a home security system could not be in compliance with the regulations.
A supply of 12 volts to the smoke alarm would not comply with the requirement for smoke alarms to be permanently linked to consumer mains power, even though the home security system may be on 240 volts from the consumer mains power.

Smoke alarms must have a separate power source from the home security system, and they must be permanently wired to mains electricity.

Is A Electrical Safety Certificate Required?

A legal requirement as well as a crucial safety measure is an electrical safety certificate. You have an ethical duty to make sure that your house is secure for your renters or potential buyers. This includes ensuring that your facility has reliable Residual Current Device protection and compatible smoke alarms. Your assurance that any electrical work done at your property has been done so by a licenced electrician and is safe for you and your renters, employees, or potential buyers is to obtain an electrical safety certificate from a licenced electrician in Alkimos.

How To Check Whether The Property Complies With Smoke Alarm And Residual Current Device Regulations?

You may be able to save lives by making sure your smoke alarms and residual current devices are safe to use and in compliance with all applicable laws. It is your duty as the property owner to make sure that the smoke alarms and residual current devices are maintained and always function properly. The easiest way to determine whether your property is a smoke alarm and residual current device compliant is to contact a competent electrician to perform compliance tests for smoke alarms and residual current devices at your property. The electrician will give you an electricity safety certificate for your records after completing the compliance checks for smoke alarms and residual current devices so you can make sure your property is secure and in compliance with legal requirements before you rent it out or sell it in the future.

Is A Compliance Check Required For Residual Current Devices?

If you touch something live, such as a bare wire, a residual current device, also known as a residual current device, immediately switches off the power supply. You can avoid a fatal electric shock and be shielded from electrical fires by using a residual current device. As a result, before a property may be sold or rented, the legislation stipulates that it must have a minimum of two Residual Current Devices installed.

If you want to rent out or sell your home, or if you think your residual current device could be tripping, it's a good idea to get it checked for compliance. We strongly advise that you speak with the licensed electricians in Alkimos to discuss your needs if you are unsure as to whether you require Residual Current Device testing or would like to schedule one right away.

Is A Smoke Alarm Compliance Check Necessary?

Any property that is either for rent or for sale must have two installed Residual Current Devices in addition to having hard-wired smoke alarms that are no older than 10 years. The building owner is now responsible for making sure the smoke alarms are in functioning order, permanently linked to the consumer mains power and compliant with the Australian Building Code because battery-operated smoke alarms are no longer sufficient.

If you plan to rent out or sell your home, it is recommended that you have a smoke alarm compliance check done. Additionally, if your smoke alarm is chirping, have a compliance check performed on smoke alarms since this may indicate a problem. In addition to installing, replacing, and servicing smoke alarms, a licensed electricians team can undertake smoke alarm compliance checks if you are renting or selling your home or if you are unsure of the reason your smoke alarm is sounding.

You can receive an electrical safety certificate the same day from a group of certified electricians. Electricians are properly licenced, insured, and ready for quick same-day service. In addition, certified electricians can help you with electrical inspections, testing, and repairs in addition to giving you an electricity safety certificate. If you require a smoke alarm or residual current device compliance assessment, they can also help.

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