Everything To Understand About Electrical Safety Certificate!

Everything To Understand About Electrical Safety Certificate!
09 Oct 2023

Are you installing new electrical fixtures, installing a new air conditioner or solar power service, or making significant changes to your home? You'll then need to have a basic understanding of the Electrical Safety Certificate of Conformity. Does that sound too difficult right away? The criteria may seem complicated, but there's no need to be alarmed—we're here to assist!

The good news is that you almost never need to worry about anything other than making sure that only trustworthy, licensed, and experienced electrical contractors perform all of your electrical work. The reason is it is the licensed electrician’s duty to ensure approval of a compliant Electrical Safety Certificate for your safety assurance and in complete accordance with every applicable electrical safety rule.

The two distinct kinds of compliant Electric Safety Certificates include –

  • “Certificate of Testing and Safety” for working on the already installed electrical equipment
  • “Certificate of Testing and Compliance” for new electrical installations.

However, you need not bring up complicated thoughts any further than necessary. An Electrical Safety Certificate of Compliance will contain the details of who has done the electrical installation, who has performed the electrical works, and everything that was done – all will be approved with a declaration of being legal and absolutely safe for electrical use. So, it is rather easy.

1. Should A Copy Be Retained?

As long as the electrical safety certificate of conformity has been appropriately approved, there is nothing to be done on your part. Keep in mind, by law a licensed electrical contractor has to keep a copy of your compliant electrical safety certificate on file for 5 years, in case, you might need it. Do not forget, that as long as the contractor’s invoice is complying with the necessary documents, it will include all the necessary information.

2. When Is An Electric Safety Certificate Needed?

As soon as an electrical installation has been done or has successfully undergone a test, then an Electric Safety Certificate is needed.

3. What Other Information Are Provided On the Electric Safety Certificate?

The electrical contractor’s license number is a crucial component of the compliant Electric Safety Certificate. Even it holds the owner’s name, address, and details of the performed electrical works.

4. Should An Electric Safety Certificate be Acquired For Every Electrical Task?

Basically, the quick answer is Yes. You might be using electrical equipment for any other task, other than just plugging it into a wall. Essentially, whether in a residential, industrial, or commercial context, you will need an Electrical Safety Certificate of conformity to ensure all wiring and other electrical standards have been appropriately implemented. It has a lot of significance when you are in need of a licensed electrician for installation or just to get it tested for you.

The simplest method to achieve peace of mind is to stop thinking about the specifics of compliance certificates and instead get in touch with licensed electricians. This will allow you to know that your electrical installation or modification has been completed correctly, safely, and in full compliance. An Electrical Safety Certificate is required whenever a certified electrician performs any kind of electrical installation work on your house. You'll need a safety certificate from your licensed electrician whether you're upgrading your switchboard, or installing a new oven, air conditioner, or light switches.

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