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A long-established company, Eclipse Electrical is the most trusted local electrician in Perth, Western Australia and its surrounding areas. We employ highly skilled and experienced local electricians, assuring all our customers that they will receive an honest and reliable electrical service, which meets the highest of Australian standards. As qualified and licensed local electricians of Perth, Western Australia, we endeavour to satisfy all of your electrical needs. We will resolve electrical issues and faults, whilst providing you with exceptional services in both the residential and commercial sectors. We treat every job equally. Having years of experience, our certified local electricians are masters at providing you with tailored and quality solutions.

Whether you require a new installation, an upgrade to your existing one, or you are experiencing an electrical fault, Eclipse Electrical is just a call away. Simply contact us to get the best electrical services from the local electricians near you within your Western Australian suburb.

Consistent Local Electricians Driven By the Pursuit of Excellence and Efficiency For Western Australian Areas 

Eclipse Electrical takes pride in offering excellent electrical services and high standards for both residential and commercial units in Western Australia. To us, all projects are equal and we are servicing homes, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools, offices, retail stores, factories more. We have a team of customer-focused local electricians who value customers’ needs by following the legal standards of Perth,  Western Australia.

Our local electrician team has vast experience in providing electrical works by being available throughout the week and as well as during emergency call-outs. We always emphasize being serious when there are any electrical faults and get in touch with our local electricians by rining on 0425 215 166.

The Services Our Local Electricians Are Experts At To Make Our Electrical Company The Best In Western Australia 

In and around Perth, Western Australia, Eclipse Electrical strives to succeed as the most competitive and comprehensive electrical company because of the local electricians who have master hands-on at providing these electrical services :

· Installing Ceiling Fans

· Finding Faults Through Diagnosis and Fixation Solutions

· Electrical Repairs Using the Branded Electrical Parts

· Electrical Contracting For Homes and Commercial Centers

· 24/7 Emergency Call Out and Prompt Service

· New Electric Installations

· Electrical Maintenance and Servicing

· Installation and Servicing of Hard Wired Smoke Alarms

· All round Electrical Renovations and Rewiring

· Framing Electrical Property Reports

· Setting Up Power Points

· Energy Conservation Management Service

· Catering to Telephone and Data

· Transforming From Overhead Power to Underground

· Installing Lights, Flood Lighting, Halogen Lighting, LED Lighting, Down Lights

· Repairing Lights

· Installing Sensor Lights, Motion Sensors, Sensor Lights and Dimmers

· Installing Residual Current Device (RCD), Circuit Breakers and Surge Protection

· Installing and Disconnecting Stoves, Range Hoods and Ovens

· Installing, Repairing, Servicing and Maintaining Exhaust Fans, Bathroom Heating, Electrical Hot Water Systems Connections

· Installing, Repairing and Upgrading Switchboards

· Testing the RCD’s, Exit Signs, Emergency Lights, Appliance Testing and Tagging

Why Choose Eclipse Electrical As the Preferred Local Electrician? 

Eclipse Electrical has acquired a wealth of names as the best local electrician in Perth, Western Australia, for we have met the criteria that lead our customers to develop a better trust in us.

1. As A Company We Are Fully Certified and Our Local Electricians Are Insured

All our local electricians are carrying their certifications, so rest assured you are receiving the services from qualified electrical tradesmen.

Eclipse Electrical makes arrangements wherever a permit from the local department, as well as Western Power, is needed for electrical works. This is how our local electricians are upgraded to provide convenience layers to be electrically safe in Western Australia.

2. Handling Electrical Projects For Overall Safety: The Professional Skills of Our Local Electrician

Working with electricity is spellbound dangerous and only the professional local electricians are legally permitted bound by Electrical Safety Laws in Western Australia to take up any sort of electrical project. Being professionally qualified, trained and skilled, the local electricians know how to complete the job correctly to spare you the threats of safety concerns in your home and business. Hence, you are safe from the risks of electrical shocks, electrocution and fires.

Our local electricians are adept at professionally approaching troubleshooting and guaranteeing both safety and satisfaction. With us, your family and employees are far away from risks.

3. Hiring Our Local Electricians Is a Cost-Effective Uptake

Poorly designed or repaired circuits would forever pose the risks of supplying the expensive appliance with the wrong voltages that would most definitely cause them to be internally damaged. These include simply the motors burning out or the gears burning out. Be mindful that the gears are responsible for the appliance ticking. When the local electricians from Eclipse Electrical are hired, then everyone is safe from expensive faulty jobs. Having first-hand training, we assure our work is fully guaranteed.

4. Professional Handling By Local Electricians Save From Further Repairs

If you are thinking of doing any electrical repairs yourself, then remind yourself you are running the greatest risk when dealing with electricity – one mistake could easily lead to the entire electrical set-up being repaired.

Plentiful intricate systems play their part, hence with the assistance of professional local electricians, the complicated problems are evaded. Hence, no question of further expensive repairs.

Remember Our Local Electricians In the Hour of Emergency at Any Time in Western Australia 

At any time, irrespective of the hour, electrical systems could encounter a problem. Maybe, the electric hot water system has stopped performing or the safety switches are tripping. Regardless of the issue, electrical emergencies cropping up at the worst possible time is one common factor.

Be aware – you are strictly not allowed to mess around with electricity. The safest call is to hire licensed local electricians to comply with the safety laws in Perth, Western Australia.

Trust the qualified local electricians of Eclipse Electrical who can tend 24/7.

Maybe, you need an after-hours electrician in Perth, Western Australia. You can always trust Eclipse Electrical because we shall respond 24/7. Keep us notified and we shall reach your location on time. Moreover, we do not charge anything extra for emergency local electrician service. Whatever time you need us, our charge rates remain the same.

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